Niche Bistro

Meet The Chef: David Chaymol

Chef David Chaymol decides to become a cook at the age of 14, and credits his first boss for igniting his passion for cooking. He went on studying culinary arts until the age of 20.

He works for two years in the most prestigious restaurants in Europe at that time time, the Hotel Pullman, in Lyon, France. Then his love of the culinary arts continues to evolve under the renowned Chef Jean-Paul Lacombe, during two years at Léon de Lyon, two stars in the Michelin guide.

He decides then to travel, spending a year as Chef de Partie, along     with six other Chefs, at Anguila’s Hotel Casablanca, before working aboard the sailboats of the French company, Stardust. His next stop is Los Angeles, where he works at a Mediterranean restaurant for a year, and afterwards joins L’Orangerie.

As he decides to come back to France, Chef Chaymol spends time            at the Casino Lion Vert’s Michelin two stars restaurant, La Rotonde, first with Chef Philippe Gauvreau, then under the guidance of Jacques Maximin ,However, he gets back to America and once again takes to the seas, as chef, aboard luxury sailboats, sailing to the Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas, Belize, Turkey and Puerto Rico.

In September of 2000, he receives a call from Thierry Dupont, which gave birth to the collaborative effort that produced the Bistro de Paris, in Miramar. Later it was relocated across from the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico at the end of 2007.Bistro de Paris have been a very succes concept and came a classic restaurant in PR.

In 2014, Chef Chaymol has created a new concept in Art D’Chololat located in Loiza street, based on tapas & fondue and chocolate brunch; as an executive chef consultant.

In May 2015 Chef Chaymol decided to establish himself in Niche Bistro ,in hotel Acacia , PR ,were he designed a new menu, based on french cuisine combine with local product creating a new fusion. Creating a unique  Chef table in San Juan.

Among his ventures, he has been a host chef for several TV shows, has taught cooking classes for children and adults at several culinary institutes and organizes gastronomic and wine exploration trips to Spain, Italy and France.


  • Tenedor de honor 2002, 2003 y 2004
  • Tenedor de bronce 2005 y 2006 (último año del tenedor)
  • Tables Magazine CHEF’S HAT AWARD 2002, 2003, 2004 y 2005
  • Sal award , best french restaurant  2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015